Mircea Dinoiu

USA: 6 months after moving in

July 24, 2018

On January 11, 2018 I took my flight towards new experiences and challenges.

I knew I was going to move from Romania since I was 21 (25 now). The eager intensified in the past 2 years when the country situation made it obvious that I’ll be too old when the everyday issues will be solved.

So here I am, still in the USA, I am not sure what the future will be as there are many parties involved in my stay here.

Funny enough, people ask me if I ever plan going back to Romania. Their thinking is that I came here for financial reasons, trying to save big money and buy a house in Romania. One should seek a better quality of life, and a house in a falling country is barely a part of that. We are our most valuable asset and that’s what we should invest into.

Cool things

  • There is nothing you cannot find here. Everything you think about already exists
  • Electronics/clothes and all "wants" that you don't need to survive are cheaper than in Europe
  • Lots of career opportunities
  • People are nice and polite (I heard it may be different in other parts of USA). This now seems like common sense for a strong society
  • Large and well maintained roads
  • (CA, Bay Area) It is always sunny and warm

Weird things

  • People drinking literally ice and every drink you buy is mostly ice
  • Air conditioning is excessively used for no good reason. 27C/80F outside and A/C is set at 16C/60F. I'm wearing autumn/winter clothes during weekdays
  • Food is extremely sugared (even bread)
  • Food is extremely fat. If I eat a burger, I'll feel like a dead man for at least one day
  • Grocery stores are filled up with frozen food. Fresh food is expensive and not that common
  • Sales and marketing here is more aggressive than I ever imagined and that's scary. Many people go in debt buying things they don't need
  • (CA, Bay Area) Renting and buying is ridiculously expensive. Unless you are a magnate, I wouldn't bother trying to buy a house here. You could get a mansion elsewhere at the price of the worst house you can find in this area
  • (CA) Both sales tax and income tax are really high
Some of the weird things are not necessarily bad things, instead they are differences when comparing to the European life style.

These being said, everything is going pretty well so far. See you next time!

Kyle Mathews
Front End Dev living in Bay Area. I love video games and snowboarding.