Mircea Dinoiu

Being productive while driving

August 22, 2017

The Problem

I always found travelling a waste of time, especially driving. You just can't avoid doing it.

One year ago, my daily driving time (home -> work -> home) summed up to 1 hour or so. I hated that. I was continuously dreaming how cool it would be if I were to work from home - I would save a wasted hour.

The Solution

Until a colleague told me that he is listening audiobooks on his way to work/home. How did I never think of that? Immediately after that I subscribed to Audible and got my first book.

I started listening to audiobooks every morning & evening. Daily trips were no longer a pain. Even more, I couldn’t wait to have hours-long trips so I could listen to longer audiobooks.

It also prevented me speeding when my brain thought that gets me faster to destination :).

How do you make your driving experience more productive?

Kyle Mathews
Front End Dev living in Bay Area. I love video games and snowboarding.