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Gaming: Is a 240hz monitor worth the extra money?

April 27, 2018

Opinions on web are inconsistent about this:

  • some say they don't see any difference between 144hz and 240hz
  • others say it's like going over again from 60hz to 144hz
  • and lastly some only see the difference when they downgrade
I bought one and I thought at first to return it since I only saw a small increase in smoothness. Few weeks later I tried again 144hz, it feels so far behind. I'll stay with the 240hz.

The disappointment for me is that you can only get 25” 1080p for this refresh rate. Nowadays 27” 1440p should be a must have for workstations.

Keep in mind that everything above 144hz is worth only if you play online competitive games. I wouldn’t buy this flashy panel if all I wanted was to play Far Cry. Also, your GPU should render at minimum 240fps.

Conclusion: It is worth it if you value refresh rate more than resolution and display size (the max you find now for both aspects is 165hz 1440p/27”). Also, it is more of a quality of life improvement, it doesn’t make you better at any game.


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