Being productive while driving

The Problem

I always found travelling a waste of time, especially driving. You just can’t avoid doing it.

One year ago, my daily driving time (home -> work -> home) summed up to 1 hour or so. I hated that. I was continuously dreaming how cool it would be if I were to work from home – I would save a wasted hour.

The Solution

Until a colleague told me that he is listening audiobooks on his way to work/home. How did I never think of that?
Immediately after that I subscribed to Audible and got my first book.

I started listening to audiobooks every morning & evening. Daily trips were no longer a pain.
Even more, I couldn’t wait to have hours-long trips so I could listen to longer audiobooks.

It also prevented me speeding when my brain thought that gets me faster to destination :).

How do you make your driving experience more productive?

How I managed to wake up in the morning

I usually get into the office at 10:30 which is the latest I can get by the company policy.
There’s also a standup meeting at that time, so it’s not a choice to arrive later + stay late.

So why I wake up in the morning? To get to the office. If that wouldn’t be the case, I would probably wake up at 11:00-12:00.

I always wanted to be a morning person. There wouldn’t be that hurry when you wake up at 10:00, then make it to the daily call at 10:30.
I tried waking up early so I could drink my coffee, read some news, maybe play some video games? But after 1 or 2 days, I was like what’s the point, I can do these in the evening, sleeping feels better.

Until recently when I read this book: The Miracle Morning (by Hal Elrod).
The author provides some techniques that will help you achieve waking up for yourself instead waking up for some job you would get to as late as possible. We need discipline and time for ourselves to focus on long term goals. We don’t have to sleep 12 hours, we only need to sleep as much as we tell ourselves.

Afterwards, I started waking up at 8:00 and do my Miracle Morning before going to the office. Results (like increased positivity, energy) started showing up after few days of practicing.
I don’t even need alarm anymore as my body clock already got used to waking up around 8:00.

Have a good read! ʘ‿ʘ